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Welcome to DOCS Martial Arts

     Here at DOCS, our goal is to train you into a martial artist who’s not only proficient in the fighting arts, but to also enhance your best features and eliminate as many impairing features as we discover, including in your character.

     We expect DOCS practitioners to have good skill as well as good character. We have 12 character building principles that you’ll study as you advance to each belt.

     Your training will consist of fitness, martial arts techniques, history, and philosophy. This is intended to create a well rounded fighter who is responsible and reliable to the world around him providing safety, security, and confidence in what is good. If you have to follow-through commitment and make it to black belt level, you will be someone who is a leader and influencer in a major unique way.

DOCS History


     DOCS Martial Arts is comprised of Shorin Ryu, Aikido, and Juijitsu, and has roots that date back in the early 1500’s in Okinawa and Japan. A Shaolin Temple of China is named Shorin, and Shorin-Ryu means Shaolin style school. It is one of the oldest styles of karate.

     DOCS Martial Arts is derived from DOCS Karate, which was founded in Paradise Hills San Diego by Grand Master Victor A. Hughes. Victor Hughes was introduced to Karate in 1954 and spent 10 years in the Marines with six years of combat experience in Vietnam. He studied with some of Okinawa and Japan’s greatest masters.

     DOCS consists of five kinds of martial arts: Hard style Karate, soft style Karate, Judo, Aikido, and Juijitsu. It also includes instruction in self-defense, breaking, street fighting, tournament fighting, meditation, character building, kata, and weapons, all taught at each stage of training.

Judo: The art of falling and throwing

Aikido: The way of unifying life energy, is the art of flowing and using the attacker(s) force against them

Juijitsu: Focuses on grappling and ground fighting, pressure points and restraint

Tawashiwari: The art of breaking, one of the oldest and forgotten arts

Kata/Forms: The art of proper breathing and fighting technique in choreographed order

Weapons: Weapons are taught for actual combat as well as showmanship

Meditation: Training of the spirit

Character Building: The development of behavior that provides proficiency in problem solving and healthy interactions toward self and others that is acceptable by DOCS standards.

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